BLF responds to EFF, says no to collaborating with DA

BLF responds to EFF, says no to collaborating with DA

Dear Comrade Marshall

We thank you for the letter inviting our movement to participate in the multiparty forum that includes civil society organisations which aim to hold the President accountable. Black First Land First (BLF) agrees with the sentiment that President Ramaphosa must be held accountable. We agree with your assertion around the moral decay of our society that runs up to the conduct of the Head of State.

We are a revolutionary movement which believes that the fundamental contradiction in our country is white supremacy which is articulated in the economic sphere as white monopoly capitalism. This central contradiction gives rise to multiple secondary contradictions which include corruption and black on black violence and divisions amongst black people. Guided by Black Consciousness we identify the Democratic Alliance (DA) as the representative of the ruling class which represents the primary contradiction. The DA is a party of land thieves and we labour to take back the land from its constituency. The DA is the representative of our historical enemy and therefore we cannot collaborate with it under any circumstances.

We blacks have to maintain a principled position if we are serious about liberating our people. We cannot practise the politics of collaboration with the enemy. This is a principled position developed over centuries of struggles of blacks and is reflected in the guiding policy of BLF titled “The Black Code on sell-outs”. The code guides us in executing the struggle to be able to maintain a focus on the primary contradiction and never to elevate secondary contradictions to the primary contradiction.

Being guided by the philosophy of Black Consciousness operationalised into “The Black Code on sell-outs” it’s simply not possible for our movement to collaborate with the political representatives of the enemy. We keep a steadfast focus on who the enemy is and the objectives of the struggle. We can’t enter into any tactical alliance with the party of the oppressor class that still has our land and wealth.

We hope in due course our collective efforts can be guided by a clear ideological orientation which shall maximise the principled unity of the oppressed and landless towards attaining our total liberation in the aftermath of the defeat of the enemy.

We thank you for the invitation. However, we aren’t able to participate for the ideological reasons outlined herein.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
30 August 2022

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BLF will be on the ballot in 2021!

BLF will be on the ballot in 2021!

Message from the President of BLF

All the organizations of land thieves are celebrating the decision of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). They are scared of Black First Land First (BLF).

They celebrate because they think they have silenced us. They think that BLF will not be registered as a political party to enable it to contest the elections and ensure that blacks are well represented everywhere, including in parliament and the municipalities. Their celebrations are premature, but revealing. They show that land thieves are scared of BLF. The land thieves are targeting BLF because they know only our movement can return the land and dignity of black people.

We hereby assure black people and members of BLF that we shall fight until blacks get victory to organize without white interference and supervision. This is a fundamental right we are denied of.

We call on blacks to join and support BLF. Whites have their FF+, let blacks have their BLF!

BLF’s immediate actions are:

1. Study the decision of the IEC that set aside the registration of BLF as a political party.
2. Appeal to the Electoral Court against the IEC decision; and approach the Constitutional Court if necessary.
3. Prepare for the 2021 Local Government Elections.

We must not allow these racists to demoralise and confuse the people. BLF is here to stay and fight!

They can’t ban the revolution!

Land or death!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
16 July 2019

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BLF to expropriate the farms and houses of white DA leaders

The racist Democratic Alliance (DA) has declared war on our revolutionary movement. The party of Helen Zille the colonialist and Tony Leon the son of the apartheid hanging judge Ramon Leon (who dismissed Solomon Mahlangu’s appeal against the death sentence and sentenced Andrew Zondo to the noose) wants to ban Black First Land First (BLF) from Parliament. We note the new threat by the racist party of land thieves that it will seek to have BLF banned. We consider this threat a declaration of war against our movement. BLF shall therefore defend itself to the full extent of its revolutionary ethics.

The land thieves are scared! BLF is not a fake revolutionary movement that will gift land thieves with political power in the metropolitan municipalities. Our movement will be undertaking a process to identify the farms and even private homes of the white leaders of the DA for a people led expropriation process. These farms and houses will be expropriated by the people themselves to fulfill the process of land expropriation without compensation.

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Don’t come back AfriForum, you bloody land thieves!

Black First Land First (BLF) is informed that the racist settler colonialist group called AfriForum is currently in Europe to gather support against blacks in South Africa (SA). We have already called for the banning of all colonial and apartheid organizations – AfriForum is one of those!

The so-called tour by this organisation is nothing but a campaign for economic terrorism. AfriForum thinks it can sabotage the economy via sanctions and investment strikes by global capital to force blacks to stop demanding their land. We don’t care for investments by imperialism. The land is ours and we have resolved to take it back!

BLF wants to send a clear message to AfriForum (which is in fact Euroforum) – stay in Europe, your motherland. Do not come back! If you come back, we shall not be held accountable when lions eat you. You are no longer welcome in our country. You are rude and arrogant visitors who have usurped our land rights. We call on AfriForum not to return to SA – you have done enough damage already.

BLF will monitor those who meet with this extremist group. The European friends of AfriForum are our enemies!

Land or death!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
3 May 2018

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