BLF condemns Afriforum’s interference in black affairs

BLF condemns Afriforum’s interference in black affairs

Black First Land First (BLF) has warned that the incident involving Mama Grace Mugabe is going to be highjacked by land thieves, colonialists and extreme racists. Today we learnt from the media that Afriforum – which is the representatives of land thieves in South Africa, which has not paid for reparations, which has not acknowledged genocide against black people – has offered its lawyer Gerrie Nel, who we know was also an apartheid cooperative, to provide so called legal assistance to the black child who was disciplined by Mama Grace Mugabe.

BLF is clear that this has nothing to do with justice – with so called legal assistance for the black child who was disciplined by Mama Grace Mugabe. Afriforum never said anything about black children and black people who were killed on farms such as in Coligny or about those who were stuffed in coffins, or those who were being attacked in KFC and other areas by by land thieves.

What this is about is the land question. This fight by Afriforum is to try to defend, avenge and revenge those who lost land in Zimbabwe. White people in Zimbabwe stole land there. President Mugabe took the land back and gave it to its rightful owners. This battle is about trying to punish the Zimbabwean leadership for returning land to its people.

We say again we stand with Comrade Grace Mugabe and call on all black people who are involved in this matter to find a black solution. Do not find yourself on the side of the oppressors in the conflicts that can be solved by ourselves as black people.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

17 August 2017
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