BLF wishes Brazil’s Workers’ Party well in the 2018 general elections

BLF wishes Brazil’s Workers’ Party well in the 2018 general elections
Black First Land First (BLF) wishes Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT) of the imprisoned people’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, well in the forthcoming general elections starting on 7 October 2018. Under the leadership of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, Brazil had come under intense assault from United States (US) led imperialism, specifically for its pro-poor and pro-BRICS policies. This has resulted in the Rousseff being unconstitutionally removed via a coup and replaced by the imperialist puppet Michel Temer, and Lula being imprisoned to prevent him from speaking to the media as well as contesting the presidential elections.

We note that the PT’s presidential candidate, Fernando Haddad, comes up against Jair Bolsonaro. In this respect, unlike Haddad as well as Lula and Rousseff, Bolsonaro is openly anti-women, homophobic, racist, and has made little secret of his pro-western and pro-capitalist position.

At this juncture the Brazilian people owe it to themselves to reflect on the gains of the PT governments of Lula and Rousseff before they vote to either return the PT to power or maintain the imperialist puppet government of the US.

While Lula was still a trade union leader in the steel industry in 2003 he waged a struggle against Brazil’s unjust system in particular against hunger. He led a campaign known as “Bolsa Familia” (family allowance). This served as the basis for the development and implementation of policies by the successive PT governments towards direct social benefits for the people. Hence fifty million Brazilians were taken out of poverty.

The ‘Bolsa Familia’ is a revolutionary project that serves to supplement income through monthly stipends to women to address gender inequality and women’s financial dependency on their partners. The program was successful due to the fact that the country’s income utilized for social policies was increased. The current President Temer reversed this increase via a constitutional amendment that limits spending on social programs.

Under the “Mais Medicos” (more doctors) program, initiated by Rousseff’s government, about 20,000 medical professionals rendered health care to about 63 million Brazilian people. Women received increased access to health in 2011 andaim 2014. To this end via the ‘Rede Cegonha’ (Stork Network), access to health care for pregnant women as well as for newly born children and their mothers was increased.

‘Minha Casa Minha Vida’ (MCMV) meaning, ‘My House, My Life’ was a program that was initiated in 2009 under Lula. It brought housing to millions. Under Rousseff the program was subsequently developed to give autonomy to women who to this end were favored as the title deed owners of the houses they received.

In the period between 2005 to 2013 and during Lula’s term in office, Haddad served as Minister of Education. In that time the ‘Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valuation of Education Professionals (Fundeb)’ and the ‘Programa Universidade Para Todos (University for All Program)’ were created to build more schools and campuses, and to get more children and adults educated. The high numbers of people that studied in higher education institutions in Brazil during Lula’s tenure was unprecedented.

The fact that at least 70% of the food in Brazil is being produced within the country in family farms is all thanks to the PT governments. Furthermore, legislating a minimum wage and hiking the employment rate to an unprecedented high are other hallmarks of the the PT governments and contrary to imperialist propaganda these gains were achieved without undermining the economy. To this end Brazil took 6th place in the world’s economies in terms of importance in 2011. Moreover it ranked 7th in the world in terms of its GDP when measured in terms of the ‘Purchase Power Parity’. Also from 2005 to 2012 due to its social policies Brazil’s economy grew by 30% and on an average of 2.6% per annum.

It is therefore not surprising that the PT governments have been consistently attacked by the enemy in cahoots with its neoliberal agents to further their regime change agenda. The enemy knows that the PT is favored by the millions of people who benefited from the social programs implemented by the PT governments and unless the PT is undermined, the people will return it to power.

BLF calls on the Brazilian people to never forget the benefits you received under the PT governments of Rousseff and Lula. We say #VotePT, #VoteHaddad, #FightImperialism and #TakeBackTheEconomy.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

6 October 2018

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BLF stands with Brazilian President, Lula da Silva!

BLF stands with Brazilian President, Lula da Silva!

Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the People’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil who is being persecuted by the west. In South Africa (SA) we have a similar situation where our People’s President, Comrade JG Zuma, suffers the same fate.

Currently, both our nations are under assault from western capitalist imperialism that is hellbent on securing and strengthening its stranglehold on our resources and our people. The only crime in the eyes of this enemy is that both Lula and Zuma want to liberate the oppressed people from its grip and ensure that they attain total freedom.

Quite evidently, the attack on President Lula is part of the imperialist plan to decimate the BRICS project through the vilification of its leaders. They execute their plan by employing internal reactionary agents within the political fabric of our respective countries.

The west is terrified by the prospect of Lula returning to office for a third term as Brazil’s President and continuing the programme of radically changing the lives of the country’s majority. Yet again, the same situation prevails in SA. With Lula out of the way in Brazil – just like with Zuma out of the way in SA – the right wing restoration via the collusion of the ruling party with imperialism is complete.

BLF rejects the finding of guilty by the Brazilian court in respect of Lula. There can be no real justice via colonial institutions like courts. Obviously the court erred both in its finding and its shockingly harsh sentence of 12 years imprisonment – deliberately so. The allegations of corruption against Lula were empty and moreover concocted by imperialism. Absolutely no court dispensing true people’s justice would have convicted Lula.

BLF recognises the role that the left has played in defence of Lula throughout these trying times. Your commitment to keep the peoples president out of jail, by literally stopping him from handing himself over, is admirable. We draw strength from the actions of the left led by the Workers Party (PT) and the people of Brazil in defence of Lula.

BLF sends its revolutionary solidarity to all of the progressive forces in Brazil. The struggle continues!

#HandsOffZuma #HandsOffDaSilva #DefendBRICS

Issued by the National Executive Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

7 April 2018

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Zuma and Lula persecuted by the same enemy of the poor

Zuma and Lula persecuted by the same enemy of the poor

By Andile Mngxitama

The script of parliamentary coups against recalcitrant leaders is written in London and certified in Washington DC. The laboratory of this post cold war, ‘cold war’ is Brazil. The announcement today of the prosecution of Jacob Zuma brings this modus operandi into full circle. The war against the BRICS block is now almost complete. The removal of former President Zuma as President was the beginning of the end of the BRICS project.

Imperialism has now broke two legs of BRICS – Brazil and South Africa (SA). BRICS is not an ideology free block. The removal of the leftist President of Brazil and the black radical nationalist Zuma and the replacement of both of them by corrupt stooges of the West has broken the glue that kept BRICS together. China and Russian may as well speak directly with London, Brussels and Washington DC.

The move now firmly established is to use the media, corrupt opposition parties, politicians, the pro West/WMC faction of the ruling party, as well as the foreign funded and directed so-called civil society organizations – their uniting theme being the fight against corruption. These forces that claim to fight corruption are themselves corrupt to the core. This is true for Brazil as it for South Africa.

The last and significant tactic of these coups is the judiciary which is used for selective prosecutions. Again this method was tested in Brazil where the most popular Presidential candidate has been blocked from running via malicious prosecutions and convictions. Having perfected this method with Lula da Silva – the poor peoples choice – in Brazil, they are now doing the same with Zuma who is the father of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in SA.

Lula and Zuma are being punished for choosing policies which serve the poor but threaten the interests of big capitalists. The prosecutions are calculated to intimidate all the forces that want economic redistribution to the poor. The judicial attacks are coordinated with the same forces in the opposition parties that are controlled by London and Washington DC.

We have seen how in SA the announcement to prosecute former President Zuma was preceded by attempts to deny him state funds to defend himself legally. Nothing is a coincidence. The program of suffocation is designed by imperialism.

Lula has been convicted in a Kangaroo Court. Zuma’s rights have been undermined severely in several ways. Just like Lula, Zuma will not receive a fair trial since the very process to prosecute him has been nothing but political persecution.

Zuma is being punished for standing out and supporting RET. Zuma would have been left alone had he not given presidential impetus to the call for land expropriation without compensation. He angered WMC immensely when he removed Pravin Gordhan from the position of Minister of Finance. The mining sector owners were greatly alarmed by the Mining Charter that sought to bring blacks into mining within twelve months.

The prosecution of both Zuma and Lula must be understood as persecutions by imperialism to set an example about what happens to leaders when they stray from the ten commandments of imperialism.

The forces of radical change have to appreciate these dynamics and organise even harder for the pro-people programmes that these leaders are being persecuted for. It is for this reason that Black First Land First (BLF) is agitating under the slogan, Defend RET! Linked to this defence of RET is the commitment to our ‘Hands off Zuma’ stance. It is up to the revolutionary forces to explain to the people what’s going on and to organise resistance from below through direct action.

Zuma must be defended and his persecutors exposed. The real criminals who steal billions like Markus Jooste, Christo Wiese and Johann Rupert are not prosecuted. Mass murderers like FW de Klerk and Adrian Vlok are peacefully enjoying their retirement. This hypocrisy must be exposed through the radical demands for RET.

Now is the time to organize, not to mourn. BLF stands with Zuma and Lula to the end! RET will be defended.