BLF rejects the Ramaphosa slave wage

BLF rejects the Ramaphosa slave wage

Black First Land First rejects the national minimum wage bill signed by Cyril Ramaphosa, which sets the minimum wage at R3 700 per month. This amounts to nothing more than slave wages.

Workers in Marikana died at the hands of Ramaphosa’s call for “concomitant action”, in their fight to realise a mininum wage of R12 500. Ramaphosa killed the workers in Marikana and has shown no remorse. Instead he has now spat on the memory of Mambush and others.

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Parliamentarians betray farm workers

Black First Land First (BLF) believes that the salary discrepancies between what Members of Parliament (MPs) earn and what they legislate the minimum wages of workers to be, is evil. An MP earns just over a million rand a year. This excludes perks such as free housing, free transport and plenty of free food in parliament.

While parliamentarians have just had their respective over a million rand salaries adjusted upwardly, they had no qualms about pegging the minimum wages of farm workers at R2800 a month. The moral outrage of this lies in the fact that the price of bread and other basic needs does not recognize this disjuncture in salaries.

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BLF held successful meeting with Venezuela embassy

BLF held successful meeting with Venezuela embassy

Today, a delegtion of five Black First Land First (BLF) members led by the President of the movement, Andile Mngxitama, met the Ambassador of Venezuela Mrs Mairini Moreno Merinda and Deputy head of Mission Mr Omar Berrotena in Pretoria.

The meeting was at the request of BLF as part of its anti imperialism activities. During the meeting, BLF was informed about the regimen change campaigns in Venezuela by the opposition parties who are sponsored and directed by imperialism. The regime change efforts in Venezuela by the opposition parties is directed at stopping the Radical Economic Transformation in that society.

BLF also learnt about the unreasonble and false demands of the opposition parties which are all calculated to prolong the economic terrorism driven by the United States of American (USA). The revolution in Venezuela is in danger. The prolonged economic terrorism is wearing the population out. The USA funded demonstrations and protests are getting more and more violent.

BLF on its part has expressed 100% support for the Bolivarian Revolution. We believe that the regime change template being pursued in Venezuela is the same as the one that is pursued by the opposition parties and the pro imperialist faction of the ANC which is led by the corrupt Pravin Gordhan and the murderer of the Marikana workers, Cyril Ramaphosa. Imperialism must be defeated in Venezuela as well as in South Africa (SA).

BLF shall be undertaking further campaigns to popularise the “Hands Off Venezuela” campaign, including engaging in protest action at the USA embassy. Last month BLF sent a letter to President Maduro expressing its support for the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Organisation of American States (OAS). The attack on Venezuela is the same attack that is awaiting South Africans when we take back the land. Furthermore, BLF shall he countering the lies told by the white owned media about what’s going on in Venezuela.

The meeting ended on a high note where both parties agreed on further engagement to defend revolutionary government of Venezuela.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

1 June 2017

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