BLF condemns the tavern terror attacks

BLF condemns the tavern terror attacks

Police Minister Bheki Cele addressing media near the scene where 15 people were killed at a tavern in Soweto, on 11 July 2022. Image: Nigel Sibanda

Black First Land First (BLF) believes the spate of tavern attacks in recent days to be a well coordinated urban terrorism. The terrorists have possible multiple motives including the take over of the tavern business in cahoots with white monopoly capital. The other possible motive could be a false flag strategy to take the focus of the nation from the Phala-Phala farm scandal.

The attacks are too coordinated to be random acts of crime. There is a clear purpose. It would not surprise us if the remnants of the apartheid murderous secret service are involved. In recent times these elements have teamed up with Islamist terrorists busy in Mozambique. A few years ago there was a similar shooting at the popular eatery in Melville at Poppy’s. The culprits have not been brought to book.

The state can’t claim ignorance. We have seen the state under Ramaphosa engage in coordinated unlawfull activities such as the cover-up of possible money laundering, kidnaping, and human trafficking. The state under Ramaphosa has become a criminal entity in service of the interests of the President. We do well to remember it was Ramaphosa who instigated the mass shooting of workers in Marikana.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
11 July 2022

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BLF rejects the Ramaphosa slave wage

BLF rejects the Ramaphosa slave wage

Black First Land First rejects the national minimum wage bill signed by Cyril Ramaphosa, which sets the minimum wage at R3 700 per month. This amounts to nothing more than slave wages.

Workers in Marikana died at the hands of Ramaphosa’s call for “concomitant action”, in their fight to realise a mininum wage of R12 500. Ramaphosa killed the workers in Marikana and has shown no remorse. Instead he has now spat on the memory of Mambush and others.

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AMCU is right – Malema & Ramaphosa must stop using Marikana

AMCU is right – Malema & Ramaphosa must stop using Marikana

Black First Land First (BLF) agrees with the President of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), Comrade Union president Joseph Mathunjwa, that both Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema must stop abusing the Marikana massacre for their narrow interests. It is clear that the two old friends are now using the massacre, engineered by Cyril Ramaphosa, to rekindle their political romance.

There is a drive to whitewash the Marikana massacre and to unjustifiably absolve Cyril Ramaphosa of guilt. This means that there will be no real justice. He will get away without fully accounting for the mass killings of workers for profits and escaping the appropriate penalty for his sins, including the payment of reparations. We have seen how Malema has changed his tune on Ramaphosa. He has moved from calling him the ‘murderer of Marikana’ to declaring him as the ‘president who must be respected’.

Mathunjwa is correct when he says:

“The EFF and the ANC have no organisational rights in that mine, therefore, it is very wrong to suggest that the EFF is the gatekeeper for the State President to meet the widows. Those widows are organised, and they are under the banner of AMCU. We are the only trade union there”.

BLF is encouraged by the principled stance of AMCU. We have to always remember that Ramaphosa called for the “concomitant action” against the workers in service of the interests of Lonmin, which is a London based mining house. We must also not forget that Julius Malema has powerful handlers in London – Lord Robin Renwick, amongst others. So the bromance between Mokone and Matamela is a London project signed on the blood of the Marikana workers.

BLF calls for full disclosure of the truth from Ramaphosa on how Lonmin has used him against black workers. Furthermore, we encourage Ramaphosa to approach the legitimate organizations representing the workers and their families to ask for forgiveness as well as pay reparations for the brutal murder of their loved ones for profit.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
19 April 2018

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