BLF wishes the meeting between President Zuma and Julius goes well, but we don’t trust Julius

BLF wishes the meeting between President Zuma and Julius goes well, but we don’t trust Julius

A day after Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi had called for the arrest of President Zuma for daring the government of Ramaphosa to arrest him, Julius Malema has asked for tea with President Zuma. The call for the arrest of President Zuma made by Dr Ndlozi follows the now well established anti Zuma campaign of Stellenbosch led by Julius Malema which assisted in the toppling of President Zuma from power. Similarly, soon after the testimony of Sydney Mufamadi the organization led by Malema issued a call for the arrest of all named by Mufamadi. So what’s the sudden change of heart?

Black First Land First (BLF) believes in the unity of blacks. But this unity must be principled and for the purpose of black liberation. It can’t be unity of convenience with unrepentant agents of the enemy. Malema is calling for tea which is not preceded by confession and contrition for being an askari for Stellenbosch.

BLF wishes to state it plainly that we don’t trust Julius Malema. In fact we believe he is on the path to sell President Zuma out yet again. We believe that President Zuma is a man of integrity and wishes for genuine unity, but his interlocutor is a salesman out to bargain with Stellenbosch using this new proximity to President Zuma.

We raise alarm at this stage so that no one accuses us of not raising our voices when a new trap was set for President Zuma.

On our part we stand with President Zuma as we have always done and we shall stand with him when he is stabbed in the back again by Mr Malema, the trusted agent of Stellenbosch and London

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
3 February 2021

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