Hands Off Black Hammer Party

Hands Off Black Hammer Party

 BHP Minister of Defense AP (11/5/03 – 07/19/22)

Blacks First Land First (BLF) notes with righteous revolutionary rage the attack on our brothers and sisters in the Black Hammer Party (BHP). We are appalled and pained by the assasination of brother AP, the BHP’s Minister of Defense, a 19 years old revolutionary who dedicated his life to the revolution. We demand justice for brother AP.

BLF also calls for the immediate release of the Chief Leader of the BHP, Comrade Kidzo Gazi, and others. The attack on BHP by the pigs is not dissimilar to the attacks on the Black Panther Party and the Move movement. We do well to remember that brother Mumia Abu Jamal is locked up on false charges. The USA ruling party has the criminal justice system as its lynch mob against revolutionaries.

We stand with our comrades from the Black Hammer Party. Their cause is just.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
22 July 2022

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