BLF to open case of corruption against the Oppenheimers

BLF to open case of corruption against the Oppenheimers

This weekend’s reports that the Oppenheimer family may have financially induced the African National Congress (ANC) to grant it a permit to host its own private international airport, are a cause for concern. Black First Land First (BLF) takes seriously the allegation that there may have been an unlawful engagement between the Oppenheimers and the ANC so as to unduly influence the process to grant the said Oppenheimers the right to operate their own international airport inside the O.R Tambo International Airport.

BLF considers the fact that the Oppenheimers went to the ANC instead of just following the normal process of application, as irrefutable evidence of state capture. We have warned repeatatly about surrendering the aviation space to wealthy families. The revelations, that the ANC’s head office had been in corrupt schemes with the Oppenheimers, further justify the extension of the terms of reference of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCOI) on State Capture.

BLF asks, why is the JCOI on State Capture being delayed? Any delays create fertile grounds for white monopoly capital (WMC) to continue looting the state.

BLF is preparing a statement of evidence to be submitted to the police. A case of corruption will be opened against the Oppenheimers this week. We call on the ANC to cooperate with the police. The ANC must voluntarily submit to the police the relevant evidence of corruption relating to bribery by the Oppenheimers that seems to have resulted in the Fireblade Aviation application being illegally expedited.

Corruption is corruption! It must be fought everywhere, irrespective of who the perpetrator is. BLF will leave no stone unturned in fighting the corruption of the Oppenheimers. Enough is enough!

1 April 2018

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