Pravin withholding R2 billion bailout of SAA to ensure privatization

Pravin withholding R2 billion bailout of SAA to ensure privatization

Image credit: African News Agency (ANA)

Black First Land First (BLF) agrees with both the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) and the South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA) that Pravin Gordhan is deliberately running the South African Airways (SAA) down. The objective is to justify the privatization of SAA. This is a long held objective of Pravin Gordhan.

It makes no sense that all the national carrier has been deprived of is a mere R2 billion. This is the same tactic that Pravin used during the tenure of Dudu Myeni. He deliberately withheld the release of financial statements in his evil quest to precipitate a crisis at SAA so as to justify its privatisation.

The crisis at SAA, like that at Eskom, is a deliberate creation to justify privatization which is the program of ThumaMina. Both the crisis at Eskom and SAA can only end when the saboteur in chief is removed from government. There is no other way, Pravin Gordhan Must Go!

BLF launched an online petition over a week ago to put pressure on Ramaphosa to recall Gordhan from his position as Minister. The campaign aims to achieve the grand total of 10 000 (ten thousands) signatures for submission to the president of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa. Let’s tell Ramaphosa #PravinMustGoNow

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Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

22 January 2019

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