BLF applauds Venezuela for cutting ties with pro U.S. Colombia

President Nicolas Maduro did the right thing yesterday by cutting all political and diplomatic relations with Colombia by virtue of the support given by Columbian President Ivan Duque for a United States) U.S. military invasion of Venezuela. Duque is amenable to the U.S. using the territory of Columbia to attack Venezuela. This is an attack on the peace and sovereignty of the nation.

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the call of the Colombian President for Maduro to step down from power in favor of the pro imperialist puppet Juan Guaidó and subject himself to trial by the enemy. In a treasonous act Guaido appointed himself as President of the country on 23 January this year. This is clearly in preparation for the U.S. invasion of Venezuela. We note that the U.S. had also imposed sanctions on the oil exports of Venezuela so as to deprive the country of its livelihood and thereby undermine Maduro’s presidency.

The U.S. under the guise of humanitarianism has this past week attempted to enter Venezuela via Columbia with the assistance of Duque so as to further its coup plot and to get its hands on Venezuelan oil. BLF denounces Duque’s assistance to the U.S. to carry out its imperialist agenda.

The recognition by other reactionary countries (like Canada and those with U.S. sponsored puppet regimes like Brazil and Mexico) of Guaido as President of Venezuela is in furtherance of the same imperialist regime change agenda.

The removal of former pro BRICS President Zuma and his replacement with the pro imperialist Cyril Ramaphosa was also in line with the said agenda. With the success of the coup its clear South Africa did not succeed in withstanding the economic sabotage by imperialism. We are currently witnessing the return of aggressive pro-white business policies. This is manifested in the increased privatization of State Owned Entities and Enterprises thus completing and perpetuating imperialism’s regime change agenda.

The U.S. sponsored coup has failed in Venezuela because the Venezuelan people are one with Maduro in ending ties with Columbia.

BLF calls on the Venezuelan people to continue defending their borders, freedom, sovereignty and independence. We stands in solidarity with you and President Maduro.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

24 February 2019
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