BLF supports struggle of Protea Glen residence for decent housing and against police brutality

The government at both National and Local Government level does not respect black people. They build houses of even lower quality than the apartheid government for blacks. These houses aren’t houses but are health hazards for blacks.

The racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and its anti black Mayor Herman Mashaba know nothing else but to evict black people and perpetuate racism. The houses in Protea Glen were damaged by the recent rains because of their substandard conditions. Notwithstanding adverse weather conditions, the houses built by the government in any event begin to fall apart within three months of being constructed.

The Guateng MEC for Housing is more concerned with removing President Zuma from Office than serving the people. What happened in Protea Glen, involving the destruction of about 50 houses and affecting hundreds of black lives, is a shame and a scandal.

The people are correct to protest and Black First Land First (BLF) is with them 100%.

We need land, houses and respect in 2018! BLF is appalled by the indiscriminate shooting of protesters by the police today. Rubber bullets and jail won’t stop us. The City of Jo’burg Government is anti black.

All those who put it in power must take responsibility for the poor housing and police brutality on protesters.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

2 January 2018

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Zanele Lwana
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BLF to take action against Selborne College

BLF to take action against Selborne College

Black First Land First (BLF) rejects the half-hearted and racism reinforcing so-called “apology” of the School Governing Body of the racist Selborne College, in respect of the image used by a student in an invitation.

BLF is tired of racists in South Africa harming the dignity of black people and providing fake apologies. We will take the college to the Equality Court and demand the immediate resignation of the School Governing Body. We call upon the government to make sure that the school is staffed by black people, teachers and that a pro-black education program is undertaken.

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BLF North West demands justice for the racist murder of Tebogo Ndlovu by Matthew Benson

BLF North West demands justice for the racist murder of Tebogo Ndlovu by Matthew Benson

The Majakaneng shooting case, concerning the murder of Tebogo Ndlovu on a farm in North West by the white man Matthew Benson on 2 August this year, is expected to continue this morning the 7th of November 2017 in the Brits Magistrate’s Court. Tebogo Ndlovu’s body has not been found and the Ndlovu family has been subjected to a traumatic long wait for the recovery thereof. Tebogo’s murder is one of the many barbaric crimes that landless blacks are frequently subjected to by racist white farmers in the North West and indeed in the whole country.

BLF does not have faith in courts of law that have largely shown to favour whites and the white system in general. There is overwhelming evidence, which a thorough investigation should easily reveal, that Benson is guilty of the crime of murder which was committed in the full view of the public. The police must do their job. They are evidently showing bias in favour of the murdering farmer. We acknowledge that individual acts of racism like that of Benson will not be eradicated until the root of racism which is historical land theft by whites is addressed. To this end the most appropriate redress is for Benson to be expropriated of all land in his hands and to be thrown in prison for life.

BLF will continue to show support for the Ndlovu family and the Majakaneng community, and ensure that Benson and all other racist whites like him get the penalty that is befitting of their racist crimes.

Land or Death!

Issued by the Provincial Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First, North West (BLF PCC- NW)

7 November 2017

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(BLF North West Chairperson)
Jerry Mngxitama
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(BLF North West Secretary)
Itumeleng ‘Mtuyedwa Thekiso
Cell: +27 62 881 0520


BLF Student Movement condemns the racist utterances of UKZN lecturer Annie Epstein on social media

BLF Student Movement condemns the racist utterances of UKZN lecturer Annie Epstein on social media

The University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) Howard College chapter of the Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) is aggrieved by the Facebook status update made by Annie Epstein, a lecturer and academic of the campus. The said status update, which supposedly advocates for African scholarship, reads as follows:

“A question to BLF/EFF/ANC POLITICIANS AND VOTE SEEKERS… Once the LAND has been returned to its WRONGFUL OWNERS (I.E not the SAN and not the KHOI) who is going to pay the rates on it? THAT COOKIE JAR IS GETTING EMPTIER BY THE DAY”.

BLF-SM is an ANTI-RACIST movement. We condemn the manifestly racist remarks of Epstein. We have an unwavering commitment to expose and fight racism wherever it shows itself both within and beyond this University. Epstein’s racist utterances comes as an insult not only to our movement but to the just struggle for liberation of our people via the return of the stolen land. To this end it demeans the collective pain of blacks that the legacies of our forebears, our ancestors, our youth, our students and our revolutionary leaders like Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe and Steve Biko bear testimony to. Epstein’s naked racism is an insult to the black students who are taught by her.

Miss Epstein makes the maliciously racist remark that Africans (Black People) are the “Wrongful Owners” of this land and that in fact the San and Khoi are the rightful owners. She deliberately ignores the fact that the Khoi San are Africans and have been living with the rest of the Africans peacefully on this land, until white settlers colonized this land and divided our people in Africa.

To this end there is no justification for why 80% of the land in South Africa is in the hands of white settler colonizers. BLF-SM is clear! All land in white hands is stolen land. We want our land, all of it! This means everything on it, as well as beneath it which includes the ocean, the air and all the mineral wealth. All of the land belongs to the landless black people who continue to live in sub-human conditions today because of white people.

We shall not allow white racism to run freely in Howard College. We call on the University management to suspend Epstein pending disciplinary action which it must take against her failing which we shall shut down the campus without hesitation. From the outset we demand a clear apology from Epstein.

Epstein’s apology must translate into a commitment to employ her status as a lecturer to correct the colonial situation that her racist utterances serve to promote and justify.

To this end Epstein must commit herself to destroying the basis of racism which is land theft from the black people. In order to correct the historical injustice, all this land must be returned to the black majority without compensation. Epstein must, because she spoke for all white people when she made her racist comments, tell whites to return the stolen land to blacks.

Epstein must also demonstrate her commitment to correcting the historical injustice of land theft by whites, by returning all the land in her hands.

This is the most appropriate penalty to be imposed on Epstein who is via her racism causing a division between black people by casting the Khoi and San outside the African people as a collective. We note that individual acts of racism by the likes of Epstein will not on its own disappear so long as society is organized within the reality of white power. Racism will only be eradicated via the return of the land to the black majority.

To deal with the white ignorance and arrogance of Epstein, she must be made to submit to a re-education process on white supremacy, slavery, colonialism, racism and apartheid by black people.

BLF-SM shall be approaching the Equality Court for the appropriate relief including the imposition of the above penalties on Epstein in relation to her naked racism.



Issued by BLF-SM Howard College Branch Coordinating Committee

5 November 2017

Contact details:

Branch Chairperson
Thobani Zikalala
Cell: 0742467848

Branch Secretary
Gabriel Dube
Cell: 082 936 9196

Sipho Ntombela
Projects and Campaigns
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