BLF to expropriate the farms and houses of white DA leaders

The racist Democratic Alliance (DA) has declared war on our revolutionary movement. The party of Helen Zille the colonialist and Tony Leon the son of the apartheid hanging judge Ramon Leon (who dismissed Solomon Mahlangu’s appeal against the death sentence and sentenced Andrew Zondo to the noose) wants to ban Black First Land First (BLF) from Parliament. We note the new threat by the racist party of land thieves that it will seek to have BLF banned. We consider this threat a declaration of war against our movement. BLF shall therefore defend itself to the full extent of its revolutionary ethics.

The land thieves are scared! BLF is not a fake revolutionary movement that will gift land thieves with political power in the metropolitan municipalities. Our movement will be undertaking a process to identify the farms and even private homes of the white leaders of the DA for a people led expropriation process. These farms and houses will be expropriated by the people themselves to fulfill the process of land expropriation without compensation.

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