Zondo appointed to continue the white agenda

Zondo appointed to continue the white agenda

Image: Raymond Zondo

Black First Land First(BLF) is not surprised that Ramaphosa has appointed the less deserving candidate Raymond Zondo as Chief Justice. From the public process it was clear that Zondo is less suitable than Judge Mandisa Maya.

Ramaphosa appointed Zondo for his virulent anti Radical Economic Transformation (RET) agenda. Zondo has proven himself a loyal servant of white power and a vicious persecutor of RET proponents. The Stellenbosch agenda is in safe hands. The appointment of Zondo completes the capture of the entire state by white monopoly capital, the Oppenheimers, Ruperts, and Hersovs included.

The consolidation of the white agenda is now complete. We can expect the criminalisation of black progressives and revolutionaries in service of the white agenda. Ramaphosa has delivered for his sponsors. Surely the next ANC conference shall be bought again to consolidate the white agenda.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
11 March 2022

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