Malema forgets to occupy Eskom

Malema forgets to occupy Eskom

EFF leader Julius Malema. Image credit: IOL

Black First Land First (BLF) notes that Julius Malema, who had promised to occupy Eskom, has characteristically forgotten to do so. Malema made the undertaking, on 16 December 2019 during the elective conference of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Nasrec, to occupy the power utility.

“Next year before the end of January we shall occupy the premises of Eskom to demand a reliable supply of electricity to our people”, he said.

We ordinarily wouldn’t bother to comment on Mr Malema’s now well known penchant for inconsistency. His political method is now established as consistency in inconsistency.

Malema had promised to occupy Eskom to address loadshedding. A quixotic answer to a problem created deliberately by white monopoly capital (WMC). Occupation of Eskom would precipitate its crisis to justify privatization.

Here we are just reminding everyone that Malema doesn’t mean what he says. This endangers the future. The black youth are under the wrong impression that Malema is interested in revolutionary change. It’s our revolutionary duty to warn and educate the youth about the dangers of flip flopping.

It’s not the first time that Malema had strategically forgotten to fulfill a promise. He totally forgot to occupy ABSA after organising a 50 000 strong march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2015. While addressing the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Johannesburg in 2015, he announced that EFF would command 3000 people to occupy Absa branches if the bank didn’t indicate how it would fight inequalities in the country; and that a task team has been established to action the bank occupations the next year (2016).

“[We will] occupy Absa, each and every branch of Absa, until we are given a practical programme of action on how the bank is going to intervene to resolve the inequalities in society”, he said

He then jetted off to London and held secret meetings with representatives of British imperialism, like Lord Robin Renwick, and forgot about the ABSA occupation. ABSA was then partly owned by the British banking establishment through Barclays. Instead of occupying ABSA, Malema carried out the instructions he was given by his handlers to hound President Jacob Zuma and the Guptas.

The ABSA amnesia situation was not the only one. In an effort to fundraise, Malema threatened to occupy the illegally obtained International terminal (Fireblade Aviation) which is inside the OR Tambo International Airport and privately owned by the Oppenheimers. Yet again, dolololo occupation of Fireblade.

We remind all that Malema has never ever taken any direct action against WMC. When it’s time to fight WMC, he is hit by amnesia. So we aren’t suprised that he has forgotten yet again. We also remember the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) situation where meetings were held with Patrice Motsepe and Malema’s amnesia was guaranteed. Malema oa lebala.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

2 February 2020

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BLF condemns US imperialist attack on Verulam mosque

BLF condemns US imperialist attack on Verulam mosque

Black First Land First (BLF) joins the numerous religious bodies and other progressive entities in strongly condemning the attack on the Old Main Road mosque in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) this past Thursday which left Imam Abbas Mohamedelo Essop dead and two others wounded.

United States (US) imperialism in cahoots with the rest of the west is intensifying the senseless war for profit globally via regime change. In South Africa (SA) as well as in Brazil we have seen how they have removed democratically elected Presidents Jacob Zuma and Dilma Rousseff and replaced them with their puppets. It is clear that in SA currently imperialism is consolidating its agenda of completing and strengthening state capture by white monopoly capital (WMC) under the presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa. US imperialism has via the management of Ramaphosa facilitated counterrevolutionary protests to remove Supra Mahumapelo as the North West Premier because he is seen as a supporter of President Zuma who is the father Radical Economic Transformation (RET). Imperialism wants to stop RET because it threatens its interests globally and settler WMC in SA.

The events in both the NW and KZN follows the US military invasion of SA – evidenced by the presence of a huge US military plane at the Lensaria Airport since early this month – which in turn occurred shortly after a two week long tour of SA by Lord Robin Renwick of London. The silence of Ramaphosa to BLF’s question about whether the US military has been mandated to assist with the direct assault on the RET forces in SA is most revealing of his role in this invasion. We have also condemned the silence of the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, on this issue who previously threatened to bring the government of Botswana down because of the presence of US military bases there.

The US military has the freedom to instigate conditions of war and to this end create religious and ethnic differences amongst the people. The current situation indicates a direct link between Robin Renwick’s visit to SA, and the US military invasion of the country, on the one hand; and the reactionary protests leading to political instability the NW, as well as the attack on the Verulam mosque by US imperialism to fuel disunity in the Islamic community and by extension instability in KwaZulu-Natal, on the other hand. The US imperialist attack on the mosque in KZN (President Zuma’s stronghold) as well as its sponsored attack on the NW province (another stronghold of Zuma) via Ramaphosa are intended to intimidate the RET forces, ensure that its looting of the country’s mineral resources continues and create instability in the provinces towards the 2019 general elections.

BLF calls on the leaders of the Islamic community to see the deceptive, bloody hand of imperialism, and not be swayed by it. We implore you to rather lead the Islamic people towards solidarity within the black block as we fight western imperialism which is the enemy of both RET as well as the Islamic people, the world over.

BLF warns Ramaphosa and all agents of imperialism to stop siding with the enemies of black people! We will not sit idle while you allow them to kill our people and burn our places of worship!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

12 May 2018

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