BLF condemns attack on media freedom by MultiChoice

BLF condemns attack on media freedom by MultiChoice

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the attack on media freedom and freedom of expression by MultiChoice which banned the Russian news channel Russia Today (RT) on its media platform this Wednesday.

The disingenuous actions of MultiChoice, the owner of DSTV, comes after it had pledged not to ban RT from its platform as it neither owns nor has editorial control regarding the channel’s content.

BLF further denounces the attack by US and European imperialism on Russia by banning its media outlets and employing other blatant acts of sabotage like sanctioning its central bank, blocking access to foreign currency reserves, and banning its banks from using the SWIFT banking infrastructure. The hegemony of the dollar and the NATO backed monopolies must be brought to an end!

MultiChoice acts in support of the whole international web of imperialism which is cheered by Google, Meta, Apple, Netflix, and even Ofcom that have banned Russia’s media outlets. It also complements Twitter’s wicked labelling of media reports of journalists associated with the Russian government so as to decrease visibility of content.

BLF will be mobilising society for direct action against the evil actions of MultiChoice and we shall shortly announce those details.

Down with MultiChoice!
Down with Imperialism!
Forward with Media Freedom!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
3 March 2022

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