BLF letter to Chair of Standing Committee on Finance: important questions for SAA

BLF letter to Chair of Standing Committee on Finance: important questions for SAA

The following letter was sent this morning to the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance, Mr Yunus Carrim, on important questions suggested by BLF that he should guide the Committee to ask the Chairperson of SAA, Ms Dudu Myeni, who appears before it today:

Hon. Yunus Carrim

Chairperson, Standing Committee on Finance
Parliament of South Africa
13 September 2017

1. Secretary, Allen Wicomb: [email protected]
2. Chairperson, Yunus Carrim: [email protected]

Dear Mr Carrim


I write in behalf of Black First Land First (BLF) on an urgent basis to your committee. It has come to our attention that today’s appearance before you by the Chairperson of the South African Airways (SAA) is nothing but a kangaroo court in defence of white monopoly capital. We are concerned that the Standing Committee on Finance (SCOF) has been turned into a bulldog to cover-up the corruption by white monopoly capital (WMC) at SAA.

We ask you to guide the SCOF to raise real questions to help expose the rot at SAA which the Chairperson has been trying to address under her tenure. The white owned media and pro WMC opposition parties and reactionary elements within the ruling party seem to be committed to covering up white corruption at SAA. To this end they have chosen to silence the Chairperson through slander and lies.

Please consider these real questions to guide SCOF to ask the SAA Chairperson Mrs Dudu Myeni – which we know it shall not raise:

1. In November 2016 you informed SCOF that corruption is rife at SAA. Why has your new Board not acted on the rot revealed by the Ernest and Young (EY) and the Edward Nathan Sonnenberg (ENS) reports. They have been there as trusted by former Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan – why are they concealing the looting by the Executive Management?

2. The reports point out that SAAT appointed AAR and paid them an advance of over 100million. What has the Board done with that, and why is the management protected by the new Gordhan trusted corrupt Board. Instead Mr Lees will ask when the Chairperson Ms Myeni’s term will come to an end, because WMC companies are the ones shaken by the reports commissioned by this Chairperson who must now go.

3. The SCOF will not ask the Pravin trusted Board under the supervision of the National Treasury why the Annual Financial Statements will not be finalised. SAA must name in public the companies who received irregular payments of over R5 billion.

4. SCOF will not ask SAA to give the reason why the newly appointed corrupt CFO, alleged to be a delinquent Executive Director, paid R2 billion to a company. She must be asked to tell SCOF what the name of the company is and why she is not suspended with the corrupt Acting CEO who is alleged to have approved the payment.

5. SCOF will not ask SAA why they have not suspended Senior Executives who have been found by courts to be corrupt and also the courts ruled that they must be suspended. Ask if it is Pravin Ghordan who instructed his trusted Board not to deal with the corruption at SAA? We know it is. SAA is worse off since being under National Treasury supervision. Section 180 must be implemented with immediate effect to root out the rot at SAA. These corrupt executives are busy collapsing the company. We call on the new CEO Vuyani Jarana to fire all the Executives and to bring new capable people to run the airline

6. SCOF will not worry about asking the Board when it will implement recommendations of the Forensic Investigations because whites are beneficiaries of corruption at SAA and executives are guaranteed positions.

Yours against corruption in DAS

Andile Mngxitama
President – BLF

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