BLF warns blacks against Malema

BLF warns blacks against Malema

Julius Malema is a dangerous demagogue who manipulates genuine issues for political gain in order to delay the emancipatory struggle of black people. Malema speaks black so as to confuse our people into thinking he is on their side when in fact, he is defending white land thieves. His stunts in Senekal once again prove this. He will gain massive media mileage through the demonization of black people who are accused of the murder.

Malema has come out to declare that the suspects are murderers long before any court has found anyone guilty. This is a man who never tires of telling anyone who will listen that he is innocent until proven otherwise but now he — because he seeks the approval of land thieves — has declared the murderer to be a black “boy”. It is known that white farmers kill each other to justify their racist agenda and lie about a white genocide. Malema chooses to stand with land thieves against black people who are regular victims of murder by farmers.

Black First Land First (BLF) warns black people to watch Malema carefully. He is not on the side of black people. He is using black suffering to advance his pro-white agenda. Not long ago, Malema was marching hand in hand with the DA and Freedom Front Plus against Zuma in defence of the white agenda.

The same with the Clicks racist advert. Malema took the matter and turned it into political fodder for his own gain then let Unilever and Clicks off the hook with nonsensical demands and a vague commitment to transformation. In the end, the executive who was responsible for the advert was shielded and his or her name is not known up to now.

Malema says his party will be in Senekal, but not to defend the accused who haven’t been found guilty—but are already under attack by the racist land thieves—in court. If Malema is not going to protect the victims of violence by land thieves and instead, call them murderers, who is he going to protect? Is all of this just another publicity stunt to gain sympathy from blacks through a media spectacle when in fact he is there to defend land thieves?

BLF rejects with contempt, Malema’s antiblack statements, including his misleading utterances; “That black boy who killed a white man must go and rot in jail. It’s not our problem. We do not protect criminals.” Which court found any black “boy” guilty of murder? Is there any boy amongst the accused or is Malema, like the land thieves, infantilizing black people like all racists do?

Fanon long since described the process of decolonization as the confrontation between the settler and the native. Anyone who is for decolonization ipso facto stands with the native in the manichean confrontation.

We would do well to remember, it was black boys who ended the evil reign of terror of Eugene Terreblanche. We salute them, we don’t condemn them as murderers who must rot in jail. Malema sleeps peacefully every night at his gated home provided by Andriano Mazzotti while the blacks on farms are murdered with impunity and he has the gall to call them murderers who must rot in jail.

The instinct of Afriforum and other pro-white organizations is to protect their own, even when found guilty of murdering blacks. Afriforum has provided both legal representation and funds to defend the land thieves who murdered a black child in the North West. Whites protect each other no matter what.

We call on Julius Malema to stop demonizing black people and calling them murderers and wishing them to rot in jail.

It looks like Malema is selling out the accused in Senekal to plead for mercy in his own case of assault against a policeman. He is trying to show that he is a good black person and must the treated leniently.

If Malema was serious about ending the racism on farms, he would have dedicated his time to ensuring there is land expropriation without compensation. The vulnerability of blacks on farms is the function of landlessness. We note that Malema and his cohort have done nothing to make sure there is land expropriation without compensation.

BLF warns blacks not to be hoodwinked by the media spectacle to be enacted in Senekal on Friday. It’s about deceiving blacks into thinking something is being done for them when in fact it’s all about protecting land thieves and self service for Malema. Be warned!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
14 October 2020

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