BLF calls for peace between Prophet Mboro and Prophet Bushiri

BLF calls for peace between Prophet Mboro and Prophet Bushiri

Press Statement
02 October 2020
Parktonian Hotel

Black First Land First (BLF) notes that our country right now is engulfed in a deep, moral, political, economic and leadership crisis. Our people are hungry and those in power don’t care, and act with arrogance and contempt. Corruption has become our daily bread as the friends and sponsors of the President are allowed to loot and his political enemies inside the ANC are hounded in show arrest to effect humiliation instead of justice. The judiciary is compromised as we see how openly biased it has become against those perceived to be the proponents of Radical Economic Transformation (RET), from the Public Protector to President Zuma. The Rule of Law is bended to be the rule of white monopoly capital (WMC). If you are black and perceived to be a threat to WMC, you are criminalized.

Our nation is watching in disbelief and shock at how human trafficking is endemic and how the politicians are either quiet or down right deny that our children and women are abducted and dissapeared into a dark world.

Mr Bheki Cele is not ashamed to tell all like Trump that human trafficking is fake news.

Right now over 3 million people have been added to the unemployment list. On the other hand, government is even playing games with the R35O relief and UIF.

We saw the disappearance of R500 billion of Covid-19 funds in 3 months into the pockets of the sponsors of the CR17 campaign.

We are a nation in deep trouble, that’s why we can’t afford to see some of our most important leaders in the faith community at war with each other.

War to the Enemy peace amongst blacks

BLF believes in the principle of “peace amongst blacks and war to the enemy”. This principle enjoins us to seek peace amongst blacks whenever there is conflict. We seek this peace with justice for the wronged.

Informed by the African dispute resolution process we encourage restorative justice instead of retribution. The wronged must be acknowledged and restitution realized.

BLF notes with concern the sustained public attacks on Prophet Bushiri by Prophet Mboro recently. It makes no difference what the source of the disagreements is, but these attacks only serve to divide and weaken the black independent ministry.

Prophet Mboro’s actions, whilst maybe informed by good intentions, unwittingly makes him an agent of white power that seeks to destroy the black Independent church.

It is no secret that the common enemy that both men of God face is the systemic attempt at taking over the black church. We saw recently how Ray McCauley tried to manipulate the commission responsible for religious affairs in his unholy quest to control the black church.

There is a drive to capture the independent black church by the white controlled establishment churches which are increasingly being abandoned by black people.

Black on black squabbles open the door for the enemy to enter and to do harm to black people. BLF takes black unity seriously.

In the attacks by prophet Mboro, xenophobic utterances have been made. Pastor Mboro has on several occasions called on Prophet Bushiri to go home.

At no stage has Prophet Mboro called for the Church of England and the Catholic Church to go back home. This is a concerning development that must be checked immediately.

BLF condems xenophobic statements aimed at stirring black-on-black hatred among Africans living in South Africa. We must find solutions to our differences without degenerating into the agenda of the enemy.

BLF furthermore notes that Prophet Bushiri is in South Africa legally and has not broken any immigration law. As such, calling for his deportation is purely an afrophobic statement. This is unfortunate.

We call on Prophet Mboro and Prophet Bushiri to turn their attention to help us fight WMC.

It’s WMC which controls every piece of wealth and land in this country. Prophet Mboro stands to gain nothing for blacks by going against fellow black people.

The two men of God together, united, are a powerful force that can help us fight the common enemy that has our land and wealth.

The black church has to show leadership and maturity. The first act towards such unity is the capacity to resolve issues amongst the church leadership through a process controlled by the church itself.

If the church has no dispute resolution mechanism to deal with difficult situations amongst the church leadership, how can it administer the needs of the flock?

Pastor Mboro must lead by example and show he is a man of God. In the same vein we expect Major 1 to do likewise.

The issues raised by Prophet Mboro need to be addressed in a genuine way, and not be used to grandstand and to attack other churches. There must be justice for the victims. The wronged must not be paraded in media spectacles.

BLF asks the Prophets to stop the public spats and go into deep meditation to find a godly way to deal with the concerns being raised.

We shall write letters to both Prophet Mboro and Prophet Bushiri asking that an alternative dispute resolution process be explored to address these matters.

As Africans we always have room to engage and resolve matters in a restorative way instead of seeking retribution. We have confidence that the two men of god would heed our humble counsel.

We say no to blacks on black violence. We say yes to black unity.

Response to the government’s land offer

BLF rejects the insult announced yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Ms Thoko Didiza.

The government is not serious about addressing the land question. It’s almost five years now since there has been talk of Land Expropriation Without Compensation. That process has been stalled and the Minister is the head of the committee tasked with the land expropriation process.

The Minister is giving land which the state is not using. It’s the same old principle of reject land.

South Africa is a country of 123 million hectares of land. The government is offering leases with the option of buying only 700 000 hectares. That’s less than 1% of the land. But it’s also still driven by the ‘willing buyer, willing seller‘ process instead of elaborating the Land Expropriation Without Compensation model.

No we won’t buy back our land. We call on Minister Didiza to say what happened to the Land Expropriation Without Compensation process.

We reject this offer to sell us our land back. This stunt by Minister Didiza is nothing but a ploy to facilitate corruption by giving state land to friends.

We also call on Mayor Mzwandile Masina to stop evictions in Ekurhuleni. We call on the police to act on the case of unlawful evictions opened by BLF against Masina.

BLF will be announcing a program of action to address the national crisis to give our people hope. We hope all leaders will join us in the quest to find solutions that would address the plight of our nation.

In this vein, we hope to stand side by side with Prophets Bushiri and Mboro in service of black people.

This press statement was delivered by Andile Mngxitama, the President of BLF.

Malema, NO to opening the border for your sponsors to exploit Afrika

Malema, NO to opening the border for your sponsors to exploit Afrika

South Africa (SA) is not facing xenophobia. SA and the rest of Africa are crying for help. The people are too hungry; too tired of the lies and promises; and too tired of waiting. The people are now responding in their own way. Our people have endured too much suffering and experienced too many bad things. Yet no one has come to their rescue. Now they are acting in the best way they know how. They are condemned by corrupt leaders who themselves don’t face the hardships that the people are confronted with. Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the people.

We are tired of the overfed corrupt African leaders pretending to care for the poor. We are tired of the hypocrisy of blaming the victims of imperialism and neocolonialism for xenophobia. We are also tired of the fake outrage against white monopoly capital (WMC) by its agents. Africa, including SA, needs liberation. We don’t need anymore rhetoric to serve our oppressors.

Julius Malema’s hypocrisy and subversion of revolutionary theories to serve his masters must stop. He gave political power, deceptively using Marxism Leninism, to land thieves represented by the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). Many Afrikans from outside SA are deceived by Malema’s rhetoric. In reality, he has given political power to the DA’s, Herman Mashaba, who is the Johannesburg Mayor and the main tormentor of Afrikans from outside SA. Our brothers and sisters haven’t yet joined the dots. Malema is playing them.

Initially, under the guise of Marxism Leninism, Malema gave political power to Helen Zille who devolved it to Mashaba to serve WMC and attack so called “foreign nationals”. Now he is using Pan Afrikanism to serve his cigarette smuggling funder, Andriano Mazzotti. He is doing this to ensure the collapse of the borders so that Mazzotti’s tobacco can be brought into SA with ease.

The call for the opening of the border under the pretext of Pan Afrikanism is an insult. We know Malema is loyal to one ideology – the ideology of money. His call for Afrikan unity is a mere ploy to fundraise from the wealthy.

BLF says no to opening the borders for the exploitation of the Afrikan people and countries. The call to open up Afrika today is actually a call for imperialism to continue its dirty work of colonialism. The colonialist is no longer in need the border. The border has become an hindrance to their agenda of exploiting Afrika. This call therefore doesn’t amount to the Pan Afrikanism of Kwame Nkrumah. It is the dream of the arch colonialist Cecil John Rhodes who wanted to colonise Afrika, from Cape to Cairo.

Already the penetration of imperialism into our different Afrikan spaces is the main cause of the mayhem we see today. Over 200 African truck drivers were murdered in one year because of the exploitative labour practices. Malema and the other fake Pan Afrikanists have not said a word in defence of these workers who have been put to war with each other for survival.

Malema calls for the opening of the border and then goes home to the secured house provided by Adriano Mazzotti. He doesn’t have to deal with the mess created by capital in the townships and informal settlements. He is not the one being fired from work while WMC employs non South Africans at starvation wages.

Malema is pretending to blame WMC for the mayhem so that he can get ligitimacy for his actual service to its agenda. WMC wants an open border to exploit Afrika. Malema’s double speak must be exposed. He will be in press conferences saying WMC is the source of the current mayhem, but at night he will go to the Sandton Inanda Exclusive Country Club to drink expensive whiskey with the same WMC he pretends to fight in public.

It’s very concerning that Malema, who is sponsored by Adriano Mazzotti who in turn is a self confessed cigarette smuggler, is calling for the opening of the border. It’s an open secret that cigarette smugglers are involved in cross border tobacco smuggling. The call by Malema to open the border is not in the interests of Afrikans. It is in the interests of Mazzotti.

BLF also notes that a lot of Stellenbosch linked multinational corporations are dominating Afrikan markets. These corporations need the border to collapse so that they can freely colonise Afrika. What does Shoprite do in Nigeria? What is MTN doing in Zambia? Can’t the Nigerians and Zambians be allowed to control their local economies?

BLF supports the protests now happening in the different Afrikan countries against South African businesses. These businesses are destroying the local markets in the respective countries.

The Nkrumah version of a united Afrika is one free from imperialism. Nkrumah didn’t advocate for a unity of Afrikans in bondage. Nkrumah didn’t struggle for the unification of Afrika under the dictates of imperialism and neocolonialism. Malema wants Afrika to be united in slavery. We must defend Nkrumah’s vision and work for a truly liberated and united Africa.

BLF also notes that the so called xenophobic outbreak has been used by agents of WMC to divert attention away from the Ramaphosa leaks. The opposition parties that are bought by Ramaphosa are now hiding behind the current mayhem. Truth is, Ramaphosa is an illegitimate President who must go. The findings of the Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, are damning. Also the emails showing that he was bought by R1 billion is evidence enough for him to go.

The current violence, including the violence against women, and Ramaphosa’s lack of leadership shows that he is a puppet waiting for London and Stellenbosch to pull the strings before he can show any movement. In the final analysis, the xenophobic violence is a direct product of the greed of those who bought Ramaphosa. That’s why there is no breakthrough.

BLF calls on those Nigerians who are doing crime, including selling drugs, in South Africa to stop. Furthermore, we ask Nigerians to make a revolution back home and take the oil fields to serve all Nigerians. Right now the Nigerian politicians are starving the people and taking the oil profits for themselves. This must end. Take the oil. Build a new Nigeria. We in SA are also fighting for Radical Economic Transformation to get our land back from white people.

BLF proposes the following way forward on the border and migration challenges:

i. Document all people entering the country for free without insisting on immigration status.

ii. Minimum wage for all employed people irrespective of immigration status.

iii. No employer can employ more than 30% non-South Africans.

In the long term, we need economic stability via economic integration. SA must show in figures what its contribution is to the front-line states.

BLF reiterates – NO to opening of the border for imperialism to exploit Afrika and her people. We say YES to a united Afrika, which is free of imperialism.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

5 September 2019

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]

Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

BLF welcomes protest against SA companies in Nigeria

BLF welcomes protest against SA companies in Nigeria

Our message to our Nigerian brothers and sisters is this:

We are all suffering!

To those who sell drugs we say, stop it.

To the rest we say:

Now is the time to make a revolution so as to ensure that all Nigerians benefit from the oil that God gave you. Nigeria is amongst the top ten oil producers in the world, yet it is poor because you have allowed politicians to loot your oil with impunity.

We also support your struggle to end South Africa’s business domination of Nigeria. Those businesses don’t belong to us. We have no businesses. It is the businesses of the people who are impoverishing both South Africa (SA) and Nigeria.

Reject your reactionary poltical leaders. They are talking rubbish about sanctions whilst looting your oil.

Take over the oil fields. Build a new Nigeria. DescriptionBuild a new country that puts the people first. Muammar Gaddafi did it. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is doing it. You can do it!
Description is doing it! Die fighting for the liberation of Nigeria.

We in SA must ensure that the President of London and Stellenbosch is removed so that we may have a government that would give us Radical Economic Transformation. We want land expropriation without compensation now! We want to share in the mineral wealth of SA.

Lets fix our countries. Lets make a revolution! Revolution is the hope of the hopeless!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

4 September 2019

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]

Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

BLF PRESS RELEASE – 24 April 2019

The following press statement was delivered by Black First Land First President, Andile Mngxitama, at the headquarters of the movement in Johannesburg


Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the people of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) especially the black families who have lost their loved ones in the floods.

The floods have yet again shown the consequences of the apartheid spacial design and the failure of the African National Congress (ANC) to end apartheid in reality since 1994.

Blacks die from simple heavy rains because of the underlying socio-economic conditions we have been subjected to. BLF puts the blame for the floods on the door step of the white community which created apartheid spacial design and infrastructure development deficit.

Furthermore, we recognize that the unpredictable weather behavior is a direct outcome of climate change which is again, a consequence of the global destruction of the ecosystem by white people.

BLF demands reparations from the beneficiaries of apartheid to restitute for the floods in South Africa. The African Union (AU) must demand ecological reparations from both the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA), as they are the biggest contributors to climate change. Those who destroy must pay!

We call on the government to bring relief to the people; cover the costs of funerals and rebuild houses for those who lost property. Extra funding can be sourced from a special 1% taxation from all the beneficiaries of apartheid and corporations.

These are not natural disasters. These are man made calamities.


BLF wishes to thank all the people of South Africa who have contributed to ensure that our movement raises the deposit to participate in the elections.

We managed to out-maneuver the enemy in the form of Afriforum which has frozen our bank account in a desperate attempt to stop us from participating in the elections. Our account remains frozen.


Black First Land First (BLF) is on the BALLOT. BLF is going to participate in the upcoming national elections. We are number 11 on the ballot!



It is people vs money (WMC). The Radical Economic Transformation (RET) program started by President Zuma has frightened WMC and land thieves. They are using these elections to consolidate white monopoly power. This is why they have poured so much money into the campaigns of pro-WMC parties. They have even called on pensioners like Thabo Mbeki to come back and assist.

The ideal outcome for WMC is a coalition of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the ANC of Ramaphosa, in order to end RET. It is for this reason that the EFF has been propped up with money and its corruption overlooked.

Malema is spending close to R200 million on the elections. Where does he get that kind of money from? One of his big billboards costs R100 000 a month!

Our people are bamboozled by marketing gimmicks into an unthinking voter. Manipulated by adverts every corner and every street pole. Important questions that are not being asked:

1. Why give DA black people’s votes?
2. Where is land expropriation without compensation?
3. Where is justice for the VBS victims?
4. Where is justice for the Marikana massacre victims?


BLF calls on Thabo Mbeki to stop attacking President Zuma on behalf of WMC. BLF believes that Ramaphosa, Mbeki and Pravin Gordhan want to ensure that the economy remains in white hands hence the vehement opposition to RET.

Their target is President Zuma as the father of RET. BLF believes they want to jail President Zuma to stop the RET momentum. That is what WMC did in Brazil.

BLF must expose these shenanigans because our movement has adopted RET.


We must also warn our people against the shocking admission of Julius Malema into the super rich secret society at a Sandton country club called Inanda. The membership of the club is secret. There are secret rooms for meetings to sell the country out. Our sources have informed us that amongst members of the country club are criminal elements like the self-confessed cigarette smuggler and tax evader, Andriano Mazzoti, who is also Malema’s blesser.


BLF will be implementing its anti-xenophobia/afrophobia business inspections from next week. The BLF Battle Plan prescribes a limit of 30% employees from outside South Africa.

We shall also be asking for urgent meetings with the Vice Chancellors of Wits, UCT, UJ and UP.


Yesterday BLF had a fruitful meeting with the leadership of the South African Football Association (SAFA), including Acting CEO, Russell Paul. SAFA has promised to report back to BLF next week Friday latest.


1. New constitution
2. Jobs
3. Sankara oath


The racist Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has yet again made an application to the Electoral Court to have BLF stopped from participating in the elections. BLF has won with a score of 2 – 0, heading towards a clean 3 – 0 defeat for the racist land thieves.

FF+ is afraid of BLF. They know that unlike Malema, we can not be bought with money. They know that in parliament, BLF will agitate for the ANC and the EFF to stop playing games with the land issue.

The FF+ application has no merit. How can a whites-only organization of apartheid claim to be champions of anti-racism? They want a boerestaad.

Even if BLF was open to whites we would refuse Groenewalt membership on account of being an ugly moron. He is an ugly imbecile. The Neanderthal gene has expressed itself on him aggressively. We wonder if he doesn’t have a little tail.

His deputy, Mulder, comes from the corrupt Afrikaner family of the ‘information scandal’ otherwise known as Muldergate, which toppled the blood thirsty Voster apartheid regime. These are degenerates!

“Black” in Black Consciousness is a political definition of Steve Biko. It is not about discrimination, it is about redress. Even Blacks who are non-whites are excluded.

BLF is fighting for an anti-racist society, where race doesn’t matter. This is consistent with the Constitutional provisions of redress such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity interventions and even land restitution.

The FF+, Afriforum, DA, Lucy Strydom, bizarrely the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and 19 white individuals are acting as a terrified gang to stop BLF from going to parliament. They will not succeed.

Next steps: on the FF+ Matter
1. The Heads of Arguments are due today for all parties
2. Court will give direction today about when arguments are to be heard
3. We don’t know how soon there-after we would get the ruling

On the DA complaint with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). We also shall respond today.

The SAHRC and Lucy Strydom application. The ruling shall be given on the 6th of May, 2019. Two days before the elections!

BLF is going to defeat all these evil attempts to stop us from being in parliament. We are going to parliament!


One of the actions BLF shall undertake before the elections is a trip to Orania to occupy some land there. We must decolonise South Africa. There can not be no-go areas for blacks. Apartheid ended in 1994.

12. Malema debate Mngxitama

Finally we call on a debate before the elections between Andile Mngxitama and Julius Malema. Let the voters know the truth! Malema must stop running. In any event running away is futile because we are coming to parliament.

Each member take 10 voters to vote BLF on the 8th of May.