BLF calls on the government of Zimbabwe to pay medical bills

BLF calls on the government of Zimbabwe to pay medical bills

SA politicians and senior public servants are playing populist games with Zimbabwean patients. No amount of grandstanding and playing to the gallery is going to end the burden on the South African public health system. We need real solutions.

The other unhelpfull route is the populist pseudo Pan Africanism of politicians who rejects the Sankara Oath and therefore don’t have to face the collapsing public healthcare system. The South African public healthcare system is overburdened by Zimbabweans in particular. The government of Zimbabwe must pay the medical bills of its citizens.

The SA government must send the medical bills of the Zimbabwean citizens to the government of Zimbabwe. If the Zimbabwean government fails to pay the bills then the South African government must attach the properties of the Zimbabwean government in South Africa, including switching off the electricity supply to Zimbabwe.

It’s time the Zimbabwean government takes responsibility for its citizens.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
24 August 2022

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