Welcome to BLF!

Dear Comrade

Welcome to the revolutionary movement.

Your first task is to educate yourself more about Black First Land First (BLF). Below is a list of key documents you need to familiarise yourself with so as to understand the policies of BLF:

1. BLF Constitution
2. The Black Agenda
3. The Revolutionary Call
4. The Peoples Manifesto
5. The Sankara Oath
6. Black Code on sell-outs
7. Structure and composition of leadership structures in BLF
8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These documents are all available online on the BLF website.

Your second task is to build or strengthen your branch. A branch is a ward based structure made up of a minimum of 100 plus 1 persons. You need to know which ward you are based in. If a branch already exists you must join the branch activities.

Thirdly, in the event that there is no branch in your ward, it is your duty to form one and to inform BLF that you are doing so. The Secretary General, Comrade Gandhi Baai, will give consent in this regard.

Fourthly, as a comrade who is forming a BLF branch, you will be appointed as a Branch Coordinator by the Secretary General.

Fifthly, you must recruit 10 members who are willing to assist you to build a branch in your ward. These 10 members together with you are automatically the Branch Formation Committee.

Sixthly, the Branch Formation Committee of 10 shall, amongst other things:

1. Each recruit 10 more people
2. Have a branch WhatsApp group, which will be approved by the Secretary General. You may also invite the President to the group for specific discussions.
3. Call a ward general meeting with all those who have joined to introduce the Branch Formation Committee and discuss a Branch Program of Action. You will be assisted with managing this meeting.
4. Indicate in the Branch Program of Action when the branch and the Branch Coordination Committee will be fully formed. Such a formation process shall be overseen by the Office of the Secretary General.
5. Ensure that the Branch Programe of Action includes weekly meetings of the Branch Formation Committee; monthly meetings of the whole branch membership; and clear community engagement activities aimed at strengthening BLF and addressing real concerns of the people in the community.
6. Indicate in the Branch Program of Action how your ward is going to organize the rest of the wards in your town or district.
7. Share with your branch members the weekly message from the President of BLF.
8. Include in your Branch Program of Action a minimum of one political education meeting per month for members.
9. Be active, exemplary and visible in the community.
10. Remember that no one is coming to help you build BLF in your town, village or city. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Seventhly, you are encourage to read more than the basics which can be accessed from our BLF website at www.blf.org.za. We further encourage you to read the news on the independent news source, Black Opinion via the website www.blackopinion.co.za.

Eightly, one year membership fee is R20.00. Members must be encouraged to each take out a membership subscription for a period of 3 years which amounts to R60.00. Once you fill a membership form and submit, a message shall be sent on payment options. Members must be informed of the simple process of joining BLF online in less than 3 minutes by clicking on the link, https://blackfirstlandfirst.typeform.com/to/kpPazG

Again, thanks for joining BLF.

Yours in the revolution,

BLF President
Andile Mngxitama

16 February 2022

Contact details

Black First Land First Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @BLFSouthAfrica

Gandhi Baai
BLF Secretary General
Email: [email protected]