Welcome to BLF!

Dear Comrade

Thank you for joining the revolutionary movement, Black First Land First (BLF). BLF is a growing movement. It is a ward based movement in South Africa (SA). It is for this reason that we ask you to join a ward in your area or to help organize one.

The following documents constitute the basic material that you need to read so as to understand the policies of BLF:

We also encourage you to read more than the basics which can be accessed from our BLF website at www.blf.org.za. or on the BLF blog at black1stland1st.wordpress.com

We further encourage you to read the news on the independent news source, Black Opinion via the website www.blackopinion.co.za.

The Revolutionary Call summarises the key points which are further elaborated in the Black Agenda. You can start with that document first.

A BLF interim branch can be established once a minimum of 50 plus one members at ward level have been recruited.

We ask you to help us establish an interim branch in your ward where you live. We advice you to recruit 10 members and together you must recruit 40 more members. Upon reaching 50 members, the BLF Regional structure will help you with the establishment of the interim branch.

You may, once you have recruited 50 members, ask to be addressed by the BLF President, Comrade Andile Mngxitama.

To keep in touch with branch members set up a WhatsApp group and get involved in community struggles.

You must start a program of BLF for example, a food garden; or any community empowerment project.

Membership fee is R20.00 for one year. Members are encouraged to each pay membership fees for a period of 3 years which amounts to R60.00.

BLF asks you to act as the Branch Establishment Coordinator until your interim branch is established, after which more formal responsibilities will be given to you. If for some reason you are not able to coordinate the interim branch establishment process, please identify someone who can do so. It is important to have a BLF branch in your ward.

Your personal information is strictly for the use of the Central Committee of Black First Land First.

Welcome to the revolution

Again, thanks for joining BLF.

We Are a The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

Yours in the revolution

BLF President
Andile Mngxitama

Contact details

Black First Land First Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @BLF_SouthAfrica
Website: www.blf.org.za
Blog: www.black1stland1st.wordpress.com
Email for membership purposes: [email protected]
Email for proof of payments purposes: [email protected]

Vusumuzi Selby Mhlaba
BLF Acting Secretary General
Mobile cellular number: 0730983009